Monday, 31 October 2016

Bears Break Fibon Three Lines of Defense

FIBON 今天一口气跌破三条线 (1) 颈线,(2) 支撑 和 (3) 上升趋势线。跌破颈线意味着空头的开始,再破支撑(或者是起涨点) 就表示头部确立;而且今天的日K 还要跌破这个大上升趋势线 (周线),借用诗魂大大在第八届的Investalks 聚会介绍名词,这里就应该是死亡交叉。

我认为,现在FIBON 这个趋势已经转空,预测的跌幅会在大约0.49。

Friday, 28 October 2016

GADANG, End-of-day Analysis (Updated)

GADANG 虽然我不曾参与,但也是我观察名单其中之一的股票。这个季度的业绩不理想而已,但是股价却可以跌成这样,由此可见大户就是这样翻脸就翻脸。今天就很想分享这个盘后分析,一来提醒自己,二来以后说不定可以避开类此的地雷。

目前我的看法,像这样带大量的跳空下跌,应该很难可以在短期内回到3.00 以上的价位,而且说不定还可以再跌,毕竟在买进之前是要搞清楚跌下来的是糖子还是刀子。

如果再拉更长远的图 (如下),一旦月周日线的波段涨幅都符合了,接下来的就是空头趋势的来临。

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

AAX Is Escape From Turbulence!?

AAX 终于冲出了气流层!
基本上就如之前文章中预期会在0.375 - 0.41 之间横盘大概一个月半,然后才做出多空表态。然而,就在横盘结束后,股价开始缓慢的往上盘,静静的做出了强势表态。今天的这一根带量突破是属于多头攻击,也就是强势表态,支撑目前就来到了0.41,而现在接下来就要看AAX 如何一步步去回补先前的跳空缺口了。技术上,起涨点 0.41 是不能跌破,否则整个上升趋势就会被破坏掉。

AAX is escape from turbulence finally!
Basically, this is as expected in previous post about AAX that either bull or bear trend will only declare after a sideways between 0.375 - 0.41 for one and the half month. So, after end of the sideways, the stock price is going up slowly and the trend is shown getting stronger. Today breakthrough with volume is consider as a bull attack, and support is come to 0.41, now next step is to see how AAX to cover the previous shortfall gap. Technically, 0.41 is cannot be broken, otherwise the uptrend will be destroyed.


Sunday, 23 October 2016

TA ANN, Bull-Bear War

多空交战,惨不忍睹,空方在上个星期五就一口气杀破多头支撑 3.57 和第二道下降趋势线,然后停在底部支撑点 3.45,这一下子将整个走势都破坏掉。目前支撑来到3.45,也就是底部突破后的支撑点。如今走势很熊,还出现了一个假突破;在操作上,由于之前已经减码,所以在多空趋势还没有明朗之前,我依然会持续观察。

Bull-Bear war is on TA ANN, bear side attack and break below the support 3.60 and line (b) in last Friday, then stopped at 3.45 which is the base support, so the whole trend are destroyed. Currently, 3.45 is the anchor support, which is also a breakthrough point from the base. Now the trend is smell bear, and a fake signal is appear too; from operation wise, since I've underweight before, so I will still continue monitoring and without any action until a clearer situation is observed.  

Monday, 17 October 2016

TA ANN Is Counterattack!

TA ANN 漂亮反击!
今天完全突破了第二道下降趋势线,或可以视为做了三角收敛的有效突破,如果这次是属于多头攻击讯号,那么就不会再跌破支撑或回到第二道下降趋势线以下。目前,下一个的挑战就是压力线,但是只要可以越过3.68,要越过压力线就应该不会是一个问题,至于波段涨幅,我想等到越过了3.68 才来估计吧。

另一方面,最近棕油期货的走势和TA ANN 好像有点脱离,前者还是维持在横盘。但无论如何,我会持续观察。

TA ANN is counterattack!

Today, broke the second track of downtrend line completely, or may consider as a effective breakthrough from breakthrough triangular convergence, if this is the bullish attack signal, then it will not fall below the support or return below the second track of downtrend line. Currently, the next challenge is the resistance line, as long as surpass 3.68, then to cross the resistance line should not be a problem, but I think I won't put target price estimation yet until 3.68 is surpassed.

On the other hand, the recent trend of Bursa Malaysia Palm Oil Plantation Index (FBMPALMOIL) and TA ANN seems a bit off, as of FBMPALMOIL is still remained at the former sideways. But anyway, I will continue to observe.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

TUNEPRO Is Ready To Adjust

TUNEPRO 从27/9 脱离了短期的上升线,7/10 跌破压力线,然后10/10 跌破了主要上升线。虽然今天稍微收在主要上升线,但是却整个的走势开始呈现疲弱,而大概1.56 会是一个重要的支撑,一旦跌破就会转入另一个盘整区间。

从月线来观察,TUNEPRO 在完毕了第三个时间框后的那一周却没有如预期般的上涨,反而是开高走底,在趋势上我认为是一个转弱讯号,而基于我并不是买在低档区加上外围的风险,所以在操作上我选择套利了结。虽然如此,目前我会认为这是一个调整行情而多过是一个空头行情的开始。所以,日后我会尝试在适合的价位再重新持有。

TUNEPRO is move out of the short-term ascending line at 27/9, fell below the resistance line at 7/10, and then fell below the major uptrend line at 10/10. Although today is closed slightly in the major uptrend line, but overall the trend is seem weakness, and now 1.56 will be an important support, once break below will be transferred to another sideways. 

Observation from monthly chart, TUNEPRO did not rise as expected after finished the third symmetrical time frame, however, it open high and close low at the end, so this is a weak signal to me, therefore I decide to arbitrage due to my buy price is not within the safety margin plus the external risk. Even so, I still think this is an adjustment trend more than a downtrend. So, I will try to buy back in a suitable timing in the future.

Monday, 10 October 2016

TA ANN, Bear Attack

追踪了TA ANN 那么的一段时间,最后居然在 7/10 一根直接破坏了上升线和(a) 线,毕竟也是需要遵守市场的方向,我当天就马上减码了。如今TA ANN 徘徊在支撑3.45,而3.45 是底部的一个突破点,所以是非常重要的支撑,一旦跌破就会进入下一个横盘区间。其实,如果再往前做观察,可以注意得到在六个交易日后的时间框对称马上出现了弱势表态,这可以做为一个减码(或卖出)讯号,以作为更好的风险管控;这也同样的出现在TUNEPRO 近期的走势,而我也即将会在下一篇分享。

另外,从棕油期货的走势,大略可以看得出TA ANN 如何被牵动着。如今棕油期货是在走向一个三角收敛,如果不幸跌破,那么我想TA ANN 也会跟着破支撑。无论如何,这个答案应该会在这两个礼拜内揭晓,毕竟拖得太久也不会是一件好事。

TA ANN has been tracking for some time, but it fell below both line (a) & ascending line at 7/10, then I immediate reduce my position on TA ANN at the same day since it is a must to comply with the market direction. Now, TA ANN support is hovering at 3.45, and 3.45 is a crucial support because it is a breakthrough point from the base, if once broken it will enter to the next sideways. In fact, if do observation in the previous trend, we can notice there is a symmetrical time frame of six trading days, and TA ANN trend is go weak after end of the time frame, which can be used as a signal to reduce TA ANN position, as a better risk management; this is also appear in the TUNEPRO recent trend which I will share in my next post soon.

Moreover, from the trend of Bursa Malaysia Palm Oil Plantation Index, probably we can see how the TA ANN is affected. So, the Palm Oil Plantation Index are now moving toward a convergence triangle, if unfortunately broken, then I think TA ANN will break it support too. Anyway, the answer will unfold within this two weeks, because it is not a good thing too drag too long.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

TA ANN, Back To Fighting

自从 TA ANN 不带量的站上了3.57 后,只是维持了六个交易日就跌回3.57 以下,如今的支撑来到之前的起涨点 3.51,这就如我在之前所提到的需要多注意。现在,观察点在上升线和 (a) 线,如果上升线被跌破,就意味了走势的轨道即将改变,同时间在 3.51 的起涨点也被消灭掉了。所以,近这几个交易日将会是一个关键,一旦发生,我就会开始减码。

The recent financial market volatility is continued, as also led to the individual stocks fluctuated.
Since TA ANN stand above 3.57 without volume, but it just successful maintain in six trading day before dropped back to below 3.57, now the support is came to 3.51, and this is what I've mentioned in previous post that the extra precaution is require. Now, the observation point is on the ascending line and line (a), if the ascending line is broken, it means the trend is going to change, at the same time the attack signal at 3.51 has also been wiped out too. So, these few coming trading day will be very crucial, once happen I will start to reduce my TA ANN position.


 Today is the first post without any chart... Just because of I realised the important of timing...