Wednesday, 26 October 2016

AAX Is Escape From Turbulence!?

AAX 终于冲出了气流层!
基本上就如之前文章中预期会在0.375 - 0.41 之间横盘大概一个月半,然后才做出多空表态。然而,就在横盘结束后,股价开始缓慢的往上盘,静静的做出了强势表态。今天的这一根带量突破是属于多头攻击,也就是强势表态,支撑目前就来到了0.41,而现在接下来就要看AAX 如何一步步去回补先前的跳空缺口了。技术上,起涨点 0.41 是不能跌破,否则整个上升趋势就会被破坏掉。

AAX is escape from turbulence finally!
Basically, this is as expected in previous post about AAX that either bull or bear trend will only declare after a sideways between 0.375 - 0.41 for one and the half month. So, after end of the sideways, the stock price is going up slowly and the trend is shown getting stronger. Today breakthrough with volume is consider as a bull attack, and support is come to 0.41, now next step is to see how AAX to cover the previous shortfall gap. Technically, 0.41 is cannot be broken, otherwise the uptrend will be destroyed.


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