Monday, 10 October 2016

TA ANN, Bear Attack

追踪了TA ANN 那么的一段时间,最后居然在 7/10 一根直接破坏了上升线和(a) 线,毕竟也是需要遵守市场的方向,我当天就马上减码了。如今TA ANN 徘徊在支撑3.45,而3.45 是底部的一个突破点,所以是非常重要的支撑,一旦跌破就会进入下一个横盘区间。其实,如果再往前做观察,可以注意得到在六个交易日后的时间框对称马上出现了弱势表态,这可以做为一个减码(或卖出)讯号,以作为更好的风险管控;这也同样的出现在TUNEPRO 近期的走势,而我也即将会在下一篇分享。

另外,从棕油期货的走势,大略可以看得出TA ANN 如何被牵动着。如今棕油期货是在走向一个三角收敛,如果不幸跌破,那么我想TA ANN 也会跟着破支撑。无论如何,这个答案应该会在这两个礼拜内揭晓,毕竟拖得太久也不会是一件好事。

TA ANN has been tracking for some time, but it fell below both line (a) & ascending line at 7/10, then I immediate reduce my position on TA ANN at the same day since it is a must to comply with the market direction. Now, TA ANN support is hovering at 3.45, and 3.45 is a crucial support because it is a breakthrough point from the base, if once broken it will enter to the next sideways. In fact, if do observation in the previous trend, we can notice there is a symmetrical time frame of six trading days, and TA ANN trend is go weak after end of the time frame, which can be used as a signal to reduce TA ANN position, as a better risk management; this is also appear in the TUNEPRO recent trend which I will share in my next post soon.

Moreover, from the trend of Bursa Malaysia Palm Oil Plantation Index, probably we can see how the TA ANN is affected. So, the Palm Oil Plantation Index are now moving toward a convergence triangle, if unfortunately broken, then I think TA ANN will break it support too. Anyway, the answer will unfold within this two weeks, because it is not a good thing too drag too long.

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