Thursday, 6 October 2016

TA ANN, Back To Fighting

自从 TA ANN 不带量的站上了3.57 后,只是维持了六个交易日就跌回3.57 以下,如今的支撑来到之前的起涨点 3.51,这就如我在之前所提到的需要多注意。现在,观察点在上升线和 (a) 线,如果上升线被跌破,就意味了走势的轨道即将改变,同时间在 3.51 的起涨点也被消灭掉了。所以,近这几个交易日将会是一个关键,一旦发生,我就会开始减码。

The recent financial market volatility is continued, as also led to the individual stocks fluctuated.
Since TA ANN stand above 3.57 without volume, but it just successful maintain in six trading day before dropped back to below 3.57, now the support is came to 3.51, and this is what I've mentioned in previous post that the extra precaution is require. Now, the observation point is on the ascending line and line (a), if the ascending line is broken, it means the trend is going to change, at the same time the attack signal at 3.51 has also been wiped out too. So, these few coming trading day will be very crucial, once happen I will start to reduce my TA ANN position.

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