Tuesday, 11 October 2016

TUNEPRO Is Ready To Adjust

TUNEPRO 从27/9 脱离了短期的上升线,7/10 跌破压力线,然后10/10 跌破了主要上升线。虽然今天稍微收在主要上升线,但是却整个的走势开始呈现疲弱,而大概1.56 会是一个重要的支撑,一旦跌破就会转入另一个盘整区间。

从月线来观察,TUNEPRO 在完毕了第三个时间框后的那一周却没有如预期般的上涨,反而是开高走底,在趋势上我认为是一个转弱讯号,而基于我并不是买在低档区加上外围的风险,所以在操作上我选择套利了结。虽然如此,目前我会认为这是一个调整行情而多过是一个空头行情的开始。所以,日后我会尝试在适合的价位再重新持有。

TUNEPRO is move out of the short-term ascending line at 27/9, fell below the resistance line at 7/10, and then fell below the major uptrend line at 10/10. Although today is closed slightly in the major uptrend line, but overall the trend is seem weakness, and now 1.56 will be an important support, once break below will be transferred to another sideways. 

Observation from monthly chart, TUNEPRO did not rise as expected after finished the third symmetrical time frame, however, it open high and close low at the end, so this is a weak signal to me, therefore I decide to arbitrage due to my buy price is not within the safety margin plus the external risk. Even so, I still think this is an adjustment trend more than a downtrend. So, I will try to buy back in a suitable timing in the future.

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