Monday, 17 October 2016

TA ANN Is Counterattack!

TA ANN 漂亮反击!
今天完全突破了第二道下降趋势线,或可以视为做了三角收敛的有效突破,如果这次是属于多头攻击讯号,那么就不会再跌破支撑或回到第二道下降趋势线以下。目前,下一个的挑战就是压力线,但是只要可以越过3.68,要越过压力线就应该不会是一个问题,至于波段涨幅,我想等到越过了3.68 才来估计吧。

另一方面,最近棕油期货的走势和TA ANN 好像有点脱离,前者还是维持在横盘。但无论如何,我会持续观察。

TA ANN is counterattack!

Today, broke the second track of downtrend line completely, or may consider as a effective breakthrough from breakthrough triangular convergence, if this is the bullish attack signal, then it will not fall below the support or return below the second track of downtrend line. Currently, the next challenge is the resistance line, as long as surpass 3.68, then to cross the resistance line should not be a problem, but I think I won't put target price estimation yet until 3.68 is surpassed.

On the other hand, the recent trend of Bursa Malaysia Palm Oil Plantation Index (FBMPALMOIL) and TA ANN seems a bit off, as of FBMPALMOIL is still remained at the former sideways. But anyway, I will continue to observe.

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