Friday, 2 March 2018

PETRON, Still Can Be More Cheaper.

PETRON 从我看多到看空,今天收在10.52,跌破过去5 个月的低点,来到挑战最后支撑10.45,往下跌幅目标9.44 和 8.85。我认为要进场的还是耐心点,等到出现了底部才做布局,别因为股价便宜而进场,因为随时可以更便宜。

PETRON today closed at 10.52, which is go beyond recorded low in the past 5 month, lastly, now challenge the crucial support at 10.45, and target price is 9.44 & 8.85. I think be patience first, and enter when base is complete, don't simply buy in because price is cheap, because it can be cheaper in anytime.

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