Monday, 5 March 2018

HENGYUAN Price Is Back To Single Digit Soon

自我在这里看跌后,大约半个月后,HENGYUAN 终于表态,任何人在HENGYUAN 往上拉时买入,现在都被套,而往下目标8.515。

Market will tell us the exact answer.
I was very pessimistic on HENGYUAN since my first post, and today HENGYUAN is broke it final support after half month I was posted, anyone who bought during HENGYUAN pull up is trapped now. 

So, my next target price is about 8.515.


  1. hi master,your target reached how about the next going ? it will break out 8.10 ?

  2. I think it will have a sideway, but whether it will going down further or up, then we have to monitor how it go in the future.



 Today is the first post without any chart... Just because of I realised the important of timing...