Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Dow Jones Index Is Stand On The Cliff Edge

DJI 昨天跌一根长红破了颈线,然后今天却小幅度拉升,我对于DJI 这样的走势不会乐观,甚至认为这个是暴风雨的前夕,市场出现任何一个负面消息都足以推倒DJI。

从60 分钟线来看,已经出现了两次卖出讯号,而且还跌破大颈线,空头气氛非常浓厚;此时的拉升其实并没有任何意义,反而是进场做空最好的机会。所以,在做空的操作上我会设停损在 24893。当然,买卖自负,因为期货的操作是非常高风险

DJI neckline is broken yesterday, I won't feel optimistic to DJI although today is open high, and I even think this is something big will happen soon, and DJI will easily to going down for any bad news from market. 

From 60 minute chart, a sell signal is occurred twice, some more the biggest neckline is broken, bearish atmosphere is full in the market; Therefore, DJI is open high today is meaningless to me, instead it is a good timing to short. So, I will take 24893 as a cut loss for short position. So, be aware that future is a extremely high risk instrument, buy or sell, own responsible.

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