Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Trend of FCPO

在大约一个礼拜前分享过的TA ANN 分析,也附带FCPO的走势图,然而我只分享了周线,而没有放上月线,目的就是要等到11 月份的K 线完成,才放上来。

观察以上的月线图,11月份站稳在关键支撑之上,也就是站上前头部的颈线之上(M 头部),这几乎可以确定波段涨幅可以到大概3220。如果稳守在关键支撑之上,那么在关键支撑之下大约4年的走势就会变成一个大底部的形态;一旦确立,短空长多,日后要越过前高4000 就不会是一个问题。如果这次我大胆的说是一个主升段,不知道会不会有人笑我。

回到8月份时,在我第一对TA ANN 分析时也大胆下了同样的判断,而现在日周月线都收在关键支撑之上了。如今FCPO 也创了大约4年的新高,收在3000 以上,而这利多又会为所有油棕类股带来怎样的贡献?也许日后我们会陆续见到许多的财报或投行开始丢出建议报告。

I had share my analysis on TA ANN a week ago, and attach with FCPO weekly chart only. Now, the monthly chart is only shared because I wanted to confirm the closing price by end of the November.

According from above monthly chart, the closing price on end of November is stood above the key support, also means it overcome the neckline (from the M shape). So, this almost can confirm the target price 3220 is reachable. If stand still above the key support, then the structure below of key support will become base, once confirm, there is not a dream to surpass 4000 in the future. So, don't laugh at me if I boldly said the bullish is coming.

Back to August, I've mentioned the same thing on TA ANN, and TA ANN is closing at key support today regardless from daily, weekly and monthly chart. Now, FCPO is hit to the 4 year new high which is 3000, thereafter, any positive effect will bring to others palm oil stock? Perhaps, the recommendation on palm oil stock will release soon from financial paper or investment bank. 

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