Friday, 2 December 2016

SAM Is Had a Big Head Now!

一转眼就3个月了,今天观看SAM 才发掘这个礼拜出现一瞬间崩盘式下跌,这让我想起3个月前为了我的一个朋友分析过的一个贴 - SAM Engineering TA - Buy High Or Buy Low?,而这周K 一次性灌破颈线,确立了一个非常大的头部。所以,买股票除了会停损,也需要学会避免买在头部。

在观察了日线,我可以套一句网络潮语 “SAM GG 了",如果有机会反弹,那就是一个唯一逃命的机会了。

I just realized SAM is broke the neckline and had a terrible drop when I review back SAM today, and this remind me that I had wrote a SAM technical analysis - called SAM Engineering TA - Buy High Or Buy Low? - for my friend 3 month ago. So, a head is confirmed if observe from monthly chart, thus, we have to learn to avoid buy at head side.

From daily chart, I can said goodbye to SAM, and if a rebound happen, then that is the only chance to escape.

正为了寻找些资料时,无意看到SAM 近期的季度财报。这就是财报会先反应在股价上其中一个经典的列子,也就是总有人比我们“早知道”。

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