Wednesday, 14 December 2016

MAGNI is Getting Farther Away

之前的分析已经提过,如果MAGNI要转为多头,就必须突破层层压力 4.50,4.60,4.70;反之,这都是夹着财报的利多来做最后的投机炒作而已。自MAGNI 盘上大概4.00 左右的价位,就开始了做高档震荡,而且高点一个比一个低,这个多为头部结构。今天,MAGNI 在高档巨量开高走低,真的让我感到惊讶,难道又有人“早知道”?

目前来说,短线支撑在4.03,而3.80 就是大颈线。如果跌破大颈线,那么就不幸被我言中,下杀的速度会很快,任何反弹皆逃命;否则就当我在吹水算了。无论明日走势如何,请看好支撑和风险管控。

MAGNI is getting farther away.
I had did the relevant analysis in previous post, If MAGNI wanted to twist it current trend into bullish, then it is necessary to break through all these layers of pressure 4.50, 4.60, 4.70, otherwise, this is the last speculation activity. MAGNI is had a sideways at top since it climb up 4.00, but the high point is getting lower than the previous, this is more likely a head structure. However, I am surprisingly that MAGNI is open high close low with huge volume by today, so does it means someone "know earlier"?

Currently, the support is 4.03, and 3.80 is the neckline. Once the neckline is broken, any rebound is the chances to escape, otherwise, just assume it is a joke. Anyway, please watch out the support and risk.

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