Friday, 23 September 2016

TA ANN, Come On!

TA ANN 今天终于突破了下降趋势线 (a),也意外的一口气站上了3.57 收在3.60,回补了13/9 和 21/9的空方攻击。这也许是主力的信心在FED 利率决策会议出炉后,扫除了市场的不确定性而开始回稳了;此外,也加上棕油期货走强的因素从而带动这次的涨幅。但是,唯一的不足就是不带量,也许这个日后需要多注意。


TA ANN finally broke the downtrend line (a), surprisingly stood above 3.57 and close at 3.60, thus covering the short side attack on 13/9 and 21/9. Perhaps, big player confident is regain through the uncertainty is removed after the FED interest rate decision is released; besides, the strong trend of Bursa Malaysia Palm Oil Plantation Index is an additional factor too. But the only downside is without high volume, probably an extra precaution is require in the future.

Technically, support 3.57 cannot be destroy, or support at 3.52 for more conservative. In Operation wise, I still maintain my current stock position, then overweight once breakthrough 3.70.

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