Wednesday 21 September 2016

TA ANN, My Update

今天的TA ANN 收得让我有点失望,不止突破不了下降趋势线 (a),而且还要一天就跌破了从14/9 一连三天的推升段,然而这次是否能再重演1/9 和 2/9 时的翻转讯号? 那就必须要看明天主力的心情了。


Today TA ANN closing makes me a little disappointment, not only could not break the downward trend line (a), but also fall below the short term support 3.48, which is the push-up segment since 14/9, however, whether the reversal signal (like 1/9 & 2/9) will be repeated again? Then, we will see by tomorrow.

Technically, the current trend was a little weak, but bearish trend is still early to judge; once again, it will entered into sideways if fell below 3.44. In operation wise, once a break line, then an extra precaution is require to adjust the position to ensure the margin of safety is fulfilled, because of safety first.

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