Thursday, 22 September 2016

Good Or Bad KAWAN? Will Know After a Breakout Of 4.00

好“朋友”还是坏“朋友”?近期KAWAN 的走势看起来很强劲,自5/9 突破了下降趋势线 (a),回测在 3.73 价位,然后今天突破前高 (不以上影线来测)收在 3.93。保守预测,目前应该会在 3.89 附近做个小整理区间,最后突破压力线展开多头旅程。

在操作上,5/9 的突破点和回测点都是我的进场时间点,支撑就设在3.726,然后等待最后的突破在4.00 之处做加码动作。然而,必须注意3.975,以防到达了波段涨幅后,“朋友” 翻脸走人。 所以,主力是我们的好“朋友”还是坏“朋友”? 看来只有突破了4.00 才可以确认。 

Good Or Bad KAWAN? KAWAN trend seems very strong recently, since 5/9 breakthrough the downtrend line (a), then back tested at 3.73, and today surpass previous high (not measure the shadow) by closed at 3.93. Conservatively forecast, there should be a minor range of consolidation zone around 3.89, and then breakthrough the final resistance to start the bullish journey.

In operation, 5/9 breakthrough and back-tested both is the buy timing for me, and set the support at 3.726, then overweight after the final resistance 4.00 is breakthrough. However, we must be pay extra precaution at 3.975, just in case KAWAN make a U-turn after the target price is reached. So, whether big player is our Good Or Bad KAWAN? It seems like only can confirm after a breakout of 4.00.

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