Tuesday, 20 September 2016

MAGNI Return?

“美女”回头?在六月中旬跌破大颈线的 MAGNI,然后从七月初开始盘了两个月在九月初5/9/2016 做突破,而且还一度在15/09/2016回测反弹,配合了当天财报利多消息。虽然今天直接站回大颈线之上,但是却开高走低,技术上来看应该是到达了短期的波段涨幅,主力选择在这段非常期间做短期套利。

在技术上,这个两个月的横盘刚好对称了小头部的盘头时间,或可以解读为消化了小头部的利空;然后突破,回测,再站回大颈线都是强势表态。如果MAGNI 要转为多头,就必须要突破压力4.50,4.60,4.70,以目前保守来看还会有一段横盘在支撑 (4.10 ~ 4.20) 之上,否则,这都只是夹着财报的利多来做最后的投机炒作而已

MAGNI return? In mid June, MAGNI fell below the big neckline, then it beginning two month sideways since early of July and breakout at 5/9/2016, but also back-tested at 15/09/2016 with the day that financial report is announced. Although today is stood above the neckline, but open high close low, from the technical point of view should be reach the short-term target price, so the big boss chose to arbitrage during this critical period.

Technically, this two-month sideways is symmetry with the small head pattern, thus can interpret as the small head is being offset; then breakthrough, back-tested, and stand back the big neckline which consider as a strong signal. So, If MAGNI wanted to twist it current trend into bullish, then it is necessary to break through all these layers of pressure 4.50,4.60,4.70. Therefore, from conservative point of view, there will have a sideways above the support (4.10 ~ 4.20) is expected. Otherwise, this is the last speculation activity.

MAGNI's Beauty Is Fading Away

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