Friday, 16 September 2016

TA ANN, My Opinion

Gone through this week devastation, KLSE fell about 40 points, including TA ANN has also been fell below 3.44 during the trading day, but succeeded in closing above the support finally. Now, next week will be crucial weeks after FED 's decision-making meetings will influence to the cash flows and asset pricing, and thus will lead stock prices go to bearish direction.

In my opinion, TA ANN bullish structure has not been destroyed or said that has not yet appeared short trend, 3.44 is the support. If once fell below support, then will having a period of sideways with the support at 3.23, which also means that require patient again. Therefore, as long as do not fall below 3.23, the trend structure of TA ANN still unchanged. Currently, I still will remain TA ANN in hands, but hope TA ANN safety when facing the challenge for next week.

经历了这个礼拜的摧残,KLSE 跌了大概40 点,包挂TA ANN 的走势也曾经在盘中跌破支撑3.44,一度挑战颈线,但最后还是成功收在支撑之上。如今,下周将会是关键周,毕竟FED 的决策会议会对资金流向和资产定价产生巨大的影响,从而会对股价产生走空的方向。

我的看法,TA ANN 的多头结构还没有被破坏或则说还没有出现空头趋势,多头支撑 3.44 要守住,而且最理想是可以突破下斜趋势线。如果一旦跌破支撑,一段横盘又会出现了,支撑在 3.23,这也意味了又需要消磨耐心。所以,只要不跌破3.23,TA ANN 的走势结构还是没有转空。目前只要趋势的结构没有改变,我依然会维持手上的部位,但是面临下周的挑战就希望TA ANN 可以平平安安。

Below here is the chart with more detail from my first TA ANN analysis.

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