Monday, 12 September 2016

Is AIRASIA Ready For Turbulence?

AIRASIA have a very string bull trend, raise three bands in a row, but it should need an temporarily adjustment. Since there is no stand above after fell back at 24/8/2016, and the high point is getting lower than previous, 2.84 will be the current support, once broken should be revised down to  2.63 - 2.69. Although I do not think this is a bearish trend yet, but I think should be aware of short term arbitrage from big player while any bad news release from the FED interest rate meeting.

AIRASIA 的多头趋势非常强劲,一连走出三个波段涨幅,但也应该暂时是需要修正了。
自24/8/2016 下挫以来就没有站回了,而且高点一个比一个底。目前的支撑大约在2.84,一旦跌破应该会下修到 2.63 - 2.69。虽然我还不认为是空头趋势,但是必须小心主力乘 FED 的利率会议带出的利空消息而出现短期套利。

Can AIRASIA Keep Flying?

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  1. JACK 哥 不知道亞航0.55 是否買入的良機呢?價錢實在非常吸引了哦~



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