Tuesday, 16 August 2016

TNLOGIS Bull Run Is Started

TNLOGIS breakthrough the resistance in this recent day, resistance become support, and so far the support is going up to 1.68.

This can be more obvious to observe from the weekly chart that a sideways is consolidated about two and the half year within the substantial interval, and finally breakout in the earlier of June 2016. Now, the direction is pointing to uptrend no matter from daily, weekly or monthly chart, and I predict the target price should able to reach about 2.2, so in the operation wise, I will try to accumulate when retracement as long as support is set properly. Well, is bull run started? Yes I think so.  

TNLOGIS 在近这几天的交易日里突破了压力,压力变支撑,短线支撑提升到1.68。

从周线可以更明显的看得见,一个横盘整理了大约两年半的大区间,终于在六月初就开始被突破了。无论是从日线,周线,还是月线都直指去一个大多头的方向,以目前的波段计算大概会到 2.2,而在操作上,只要看好支撑我会尝试在回测时做买进的动作。所以,这个算是多头吗?我认为这个就是。

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