Wednesday, 17 August 2016

AAX - Would You Miss The Second Flight Again?

I had been started to tracking the AAX since a month ago, and waiting for breakthrough patiently, but surprisingly it breakthrough aggressively. From weekly chart, we can see there is couple of pull up volume from big player, then proceed with the flag shape adjustment, finally make a breakthrough. So, this kind of trending structure, I can boldly predict that higher got another higher, which is the target price is about 0.61. Besides, if observe from daily chart, the resistance become support, thus the support is become 0.405, and the retracement support is 0.415. Anyway, I will closely monitoring.

Apart from this, AAX is the only left for aviation industry except the flying Air Asia in the KLSE. Therefore, base on these factor, I choice to on-board.

大概 一个月前就开始追踪了AAX,耐心的等待突破压力,但是却想像不到会以这样的方式做突破。从周线,可以看得见主力的推升量,然后配合旗形调整,再作出突破。以这样的走势结构,我大胆预测高点可以有更高点,那就是目前测出的波段涨幅大约 0.61。另外,从日线观察,压力变支撑,目前的多头支撑在 0.405,回测支撑在0.415。无论如何,我都会持续追踪。

另外,在整个KLSE 里,除了已经飞上天空的Air Asia,就只剩下AAX 而已。所以,基于这几个因素我选择了登机。


Please bare in mind that the stock market is full of risk, any forecasts and analysis has no guarantee can be made. 

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