Sunday, 14 August 2016

PADINI, Here Comes a Bear

近期PADINI 开始转弱,短线支撑来到2.86,一旦跌破,狼这次就应该真的来了,而这波的多头行情就是时候宣布结束。

PADINI turn weak recently, and I will set 2.86 as the current support, once broken then consider the bull run is going to the end soon. 

目前PADINI 的走势基本上符合了我在 PADINI TA - Now and Future 的预期,不管从日线,周线还是月线都已经到达了波段涨幅区间大约2.80,虽然价位屡创新高,量却是收缩,所以必须额外小心,而我大胆估计上升趋势已经差不多走到了尽头,而即将进入一个大幅度震荡的区间,也许是筑一个头部区,或大区间的调整也说不定。无论如何,如果在波段涨幅满足后仍继续追价,这只会将自身的风险大幅提升。


So far, PADINI trend is still meet my expectation in PADINI TA - Now and Futureregardless from daily, weekly or monthly chart, the target price about 2.8 is reached, although it keep break the record high, but the volume is decreasing, so extra cautions is needed, and now I dare to predict that the uptrend is almost come to the end, next is about to enter a substantial shock interval, perhaps building a head or a big adjustment. No matter how, this is not advisable to buy in after the target price is reached, because this will going to increase the risk itself.

In mid & short term operation, I will choose to arbitrage right after reaching the target price, because no one can really sell at the highest price, unless you are the market maker.

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