Saturday, 13 August 2016

KAWAN Is On Fire

KAWAN 站上了3.26,就开始大幅度震荡了大概两个月,但是却多番都越不过前头部的右肩。尤其是在最近期的挑战失败后直接跌破短线支撑 3.65(支撑 1),在时间框作出弱势表态。如果下一个交易日站不上支撑 (支撑 1),那么就直接看3.57 (支撑 2)。在我的看法,如果连支撑 1 都站不上,就已经表示了短期走空,主力做了短期套利。

目前KAWAN 的走势这也符合了我在 My Views On The Future Trend of KAWAN 的预期,毕竟这两个月的大震荡,并不是一般人可以承受的。虽然看似短期走空,但还不能断定是长空趋势,必须持续观察,因为KAWAN 第二季的财报即将在这个8 月尾出炉。所以,可以肯定的是我不会选择在这个时间进场。

KAWAN is on fire!
Since KAWAN stood above 3.26,  then it started substantial oscillating for about 2 month, but still unable to surpass the head of the right shoulder. Especially after the failure from the most recent challenge directly fall below the support 3.65 (支撑 1), and made vulnerable position right after the symmetric time frame. If still unable to stand above the support 1 on the next trading day, else next support will go to (支撑 2). In my view, this is not optimistic if the support 1 is fail to sustain.

Currently, KAWAN trend is still meet my view in My Views On The Future Trend of KAWAN. Although short term seem bearish, but still need continue to observe before conclude it is a long term bear run as of the KAWAN second quarter financial report is upcoming soon by end of August. Therefore, now is not the suitable time for me to play yet.

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My Views On The Future Trend of KAWAN

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