Friday, 12 August 2016

TA ANN Bull Run Is Starting Up?!

Actually, I am not the fans of Palm Oil stock, because the Malaysia Palm Oil Index (FBMPALMOIL) trend is not optimistic, but I notice that TA ANN righting strong signal (翻强讯号) at about end of July, and then made a show a positive side in the symmetric time frame (时间框对称), then breakthrough the resistance. Although short term target is reached currently, the support came to 3.52, but I think TA ANN bulls will not just ended like that, conversely, as long as the support is not broken, I will be bold estimate this is the TA ANN bullish trend. 

其实之前我都蛮不看好油棕股,因为当时FBMPALMOIL 大马油棕指数的走势并不乐观,但是却在大约7 月尾时注意到TA ANN 出现翻强讯号,然后也在对等的时间框作出了强势的表态,之后就突破阻力上涨。虽然目前的短期满足已经到达,支撑来到3.52,但是我却认为TA ANN 的多头不会就这样结束,相反,只要能维持在支撑,这次我大胆点预估这个将会是TA ANN 的主升段。

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