Thursday, 25 August 2016

AAX Hit To The Turbulence

AAX was impacted by strong turbulence.
Market sentiment is affected by Jackson Hole conference this Friday and causing short-term arbitrage in among of the stocks.
Today AAX fall below its second wave starting point 0.41, and I will set 0.375 is the next support. Currently, a war is between the long - short player, as long as support is not broken, AAX will having a sideways in the between 0.375 to 0.41 for about one and the half month, then the direction will be determine, otherwise, there is a risk to crash.

AAX 遭到了强劲气流的冲击。
市场的气氛受到这个礼拜五的Jackson Hole 会议,突然出现短期套利。
今天的AAX也跌破了它第二波的起涨点 0.41,而我会将下一个支撑设在0.375。目前多空主力互相交战,由多转盘,只要支撑不破,AAX 会在0.375 到 0.41 之间展开大概一个月半的横盘发展,然后才对多空作出表态,否则,就会有坠机的危险了。


Please bare in mind that the stock market is full of risk, any forecasts and analysis has no guarantee can be made. 

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