Monday, 22 August 2016

Will POWER ROOT Power Again?

Observe from the daily chart, POWER ROOT started a 4 days decline since 11/8 continuously, these was enough to bring small player panic selling, and also trap some of the small investor who bought at above 2.28. Currently, support is 1.955, as long as the support is not broken, I think this stock will progress between line A & B. Perhaps, it might be a chance to escape from trap, but, will it POWER again? I personally would think it still need to keep monitoring closely. 

从日线观察,POWER ROOT 从11/8 开始连4 天的跌幅,已经足以让小户出现恐慌性卖出,同时也将一些买在高点的资金套在2.28 之上。目前支撑来到1.955,只要能维持在支撑线上,我认为这档股票会大幅度的在A & B 之间来做震荡。也许,套在2.28 之上的资金会有解套的机会,但是,至于还能否再POWER?我个人认为还是需要持续观察。

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