Thursday, 28 July 2016

PANAMY The Next Record High Is Reached

After about 2 month of deliberation, this heavyweight stocks finally start its main section of the bullish trend finally. Now, PANAMY has reached the target price, and I will operate on short-term arbitrage because the big head pattern will start building right after the zone above the target price, and the risk is increase greatly, after all the bullish trend is ended with big head pattern most of the time. Rather miss than done wrong, so I won't suggest to buy in at this moment unless someone who are willing to buy with higher price.   

经过大约两个月的酝酿,这档重量级股票终于如预期中走出一个多头趋势,而这个也是PANAMY 的主升段。如今,PANAMY 已经到达了大波段的涨幅满足,中短期操作上我都会套利,因为在涨幅满足之上都是筑大头部的区间,相对的风险也大副提升,毕竟主升段都是以一个大规模的头部来结束。宁可错过也不可作错,所以我都不会建议在这个时候进场,除非你想在高档区接我的货。

PANAMY The Next Record High
PANAMY The Next Record High - My Review

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