Wednesday, 20 July 2016

PADINI TA - Now and Future

PADINI is stand on the neckline without adjustment after fall below the neckline due to BREXIT day, and the short atmosphere eliminated directly by this action. So, the neckline is turn into adjustment interval a & b, this can be seen as an adjustment before bullish. Breakthrough point a, then goes up after retracement, the first support is established at 2.37; Then breakthrough point c as the confirmation of bullish trend, support increase up to 2.49. So, all these are the standard behavior of a strong trend. Therefore, I predict 2.715 is the next short term target price.    

PADINI 破了颈线不须调整就直接站上颈线,将空头氛围给消灭,由空转多,颈线就转变成双轨下调区间 a & b,可以看成多头调整或多空交叉。突破了a,回测又上涨,第一多头支撑建立在2.37;然后突破 c 多头确立,支撑提升到2.49。这些都是强势股的标准行为,而这一波我预计可以看得到大概2.715。

From monthly chart, PADINI is breakthrough the historical high now and the target price is about 2.8 and 2.345 is the support for this strong trend. If I am not mistaken, there will be a sideways or ramp shape adjustment, then again to rise over 2.8 until it begin to build a larger head pattern to put this bullish trend to the end. 

以月线来看现在是已经突破了历史高点,波段计算是可以预计涨到2.8,而如今的多头支撑是2.345。我如果没有看错,日后的走势会有一段横盘或下斜调整,然后又再上涨越过 2.8 直到开始盘头,最后会做一个更大的头部以结束这波的多头趋势

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