Monday, 1 August 2016

SAM Engineering TA - Buy High Or Buy Low?

Recently a friend asked about my opinion on SAM Engineering, so here is my TA analysis for this popular stock since I am free tonight.

According from daily chart, the former high (point B) could not break the record high (point A), and the price is fell down continuously, so short-term support now is about 7.295. Currently, it is high possibility heading to the neckline if the short term support is fail to defend, and then a bigger head pattern will form if observe from weekly chart, and 6.00 is the support for the neckline, once broken consider bearish is confirm.

In short, I am not that optimistic regardless from daily or weekly chart, as we always buy low, not buy high, so I do think the best choice so far is keep monitoring closely, because I would rather miss and not to make a mistake.

近期有位朋友问我对SAM Engineering 的看法,难得今晚空闲就对这档热门股做了分析。

从日线来看,前高(B点)突破不了历史高点 (A 点),然后又连接往下杀,短线支撑大概在7.295。目前如果灌破就有很大的可能性来到颈线,就会在周线中形成一个大头部,而这个颈线的支撑大概是6.00,一旦跌破空头就确立。


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