Thursday, 26 May 2016

Will IVORY Glorious Again?

IVORY, a counter that profit gain 22% within 2 week in May, do possible to have another glory again?
A head pattern is build nearly one and the half year, finally fall below neckline in early of august, after that a bearish trend is kick start, until met the downtrend target price, then an acute rebound is made and retreated into the bottom started to build a base.

IVORY,一档在五月份内用了两周盈利22% 的股票,是否能再次辉煌?

The W base is spend about 3 and the half month to complete, 6 May 2016 I started enter this counter at 0.365. 10 May 2016 the resistance is breakout, uptrend is formed, and the closing price reach 0.4 straight away on that day, then I top up at 0.4 in the next trading day because I foresee will having a second wave. After that, the trend is as per my estimation, and then I exit this counter at 0.46. Now, a breakthrough is happen on this triangle pattern which is formed after a week, so it is possible heading forward to the next challenge at 0.505? Or the glorious is gone ever after? We will close monitoring, wait and see.   

这个W底部大约盘了三个月半,06/05/2016 我就开始进场价位是0.365。10/05/2016 IVORY 宣告突破压力线,形成上升趋势,当天就一口气收盘在0.4。隔天开盘,我再加码在价位0.4,因为我计算会有第二波的涨幅。之后就如我的预测,出现了第二波段的涨幅,而我也将全部的部位在0.46的价位套现。如今盘了一周的小三角收敛在今天做了突破,是否能往上挑战下一个目标价位0.505?还是光辉一去不复返?我们就持续观察,拭目以待。

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