Wednesday, 25 May 2016

YEELEE - Found a Short Term Break

First of all need to congrats YEELEE won the RedBull authorized dealership, but the stock price can't have another strike by this good news. 6 April 2016, after a breakout is failed from the triangle pattern, trend is going develop to horizontal movement currently, fluctuations between support (2.2) and resistance (2.35), if it go stable and without dumping, then maybe another uptrend will happen after the time frame. Conversely, it will turn to bearish if the support is break within the time frame. 

首先要恭喜YEELEE得到RedBull 的代理权,但是这个好消息不能再为股价又创造一波的多头行情。06/04/2016 三角形态突破失败后,目前看是进入横盘发展,波动在支撑(Support)和压力(Resistance)之间,如果能稳住而没有出现大买盘,那么在时间框之后会有多头出现的机会。反之,支撑在时间框内跌破,那么趋势就由盘转空。

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