Friday, 27 May 2016

PANAMY The Next Record High

"Find me the support line, and I shall ignore any price".
PANAMY this heavyweight counter is adjust a bout 2 month and breakout finally, but do this time will make another record high? Anyway, I shall take 29.06 as the support, and estimate the short term first target price is 31.63. If observe from monthly chart, as long as the trend is not turned over, this would be a bearish, target is about 35.

PANAMY 这个重量级股大约盘了将近两个月,终于往上突破,这突破会不会又创新高?无论如何,就捉29.06 为支撑进场,预计短线第一波涨幅在31.63。如果从长线来判断,只要趋势没有翻转,这会是一个上涨趋势,目标大概35。

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