Friday, 10 February 2017

Hug TA ANN Again

TA ANN 在突破4.00 后就一连三个交易日往上涨,然后在大约以 4.10 为支撑处做一个小幅横盘,最后在一月20号跌破了4.10 和上升趋势线。然而,却止跌于大约4.00,然后又横盘了6个交易日后,在二月2 号出现翻转而重新站上了支撑4.10。基本上,这就是我在这里提到的当
TA ANN 到达波段涨幅后,都会横盘震荡。如今我认为TA ANN 会做一个横盘对称,支撑在 4.10,而4.15 可视为强弱界线,如果走势可以维持在4.15,那么我认为冲破前高 4.27 是可以期待。

TA ANN is raising in 3 trading day continuously after breakout 4.00, then made a small sideways with support 4.10, but the support is broken as well as the uptrend line too at 20/1. However, the falling TA ANN is stop at around 4.00, then stood up to the support 4.10 again after 6 trading day. Basically, this is what I've mentioned here before that TA ANN will having a sideways shaking after the target is reached. Now, I think TA ANN will having a symmetric sideways with the mentioned support 4.10, and 4.15 can consider as strong-weak line. If TA ANN trend is maintained above 4.15, then I expected the breakout of previous high 4.27 will happen, or vice versa. 

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