Saturday, 18 February 2017

EG, No Bear Smell Yet.

今天难得空闲买了份资汇,看到这一期有篇叫“看图说股”,为EG 放的标题吸引了我的眼球,也成为了我去分析EG 的动力。

EG 横盘震荡了大约九个月,在去年的19/12 将整理区间往上移动,经过两轮的回测确立了支撑在0.855,而就今年情人节做突破收在0.975,也许是情人节花费大,所以EG 成为了宰割的对象。如今第二季度财报即将出炉,这次的大幅回挡是否反映了第二季度的成绩单?还是洗盘动作?我认为就看短线支撑0.92,但跌破并不可怕,只要维持在支撑以上,后市有期。所以,下周的走势就会是非常关键。

EG is sideways for about nine months, then just lift up the consolidation zone in the last year's 19/12, and confirm 0.855 as a support after two rounds of back tested. However, it breakout at this year's Valentine's Day to 0.975, perhaps the expenses from Valentine's Day is costly, so EG became the object for profit taking. Now, the retracement is reflect for the result of second quarter financial report? Or it just a flushing? Well, I think it depends on the short-term support 0.92. So, the trend for next week will  be very critical now, but, I still can't smell bear yet as long as maintain above the support. 

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