Friday, 9 December 2016

TUNEPRO, Rest is Ready For Longer Journey.

一直想要写TUNEPRO 的盘后分析很久了,可是就抽不出时间,所以今晚就特地设下一个小时来完成这个“任务”。

自冷眼效应后,TUNEPRO 一路走高,可是却在08/11 出现了一个假突破,随后的走势告急,就直接破支撑1.61,然后就大约在1.61 移动做弱势震荡,就在28/11 跌破关键支撑 1.56,这也就是我所提到的,如果TUNEPRO 要跑多头就不会跌破,一旦破这个关键支撑,哪怕一点点都要马上减码或出场。

如今整个1.56 以上的走势变成了一个头部,而1.40就是第一波段的跌幅,我预计在下一个走势表态前会有大概9 周的横盘整理在1.40 - 1.56 之间,所以以目前的走势来看,短期趋势而言不是盘,就是跌,毕竟消化头部也需要时间。然而,一旦跌破,下一个段跌幅就到1.25。

休息是为了走更长远的路,如果从月线图的走势来看,这次的下跌是为了筑一个更大的底部,以便在发动下一个第二波之前可以有更大的力量来替代前端的大头部,但前提是1.25 最后支撑必须是可以维持。

TUNEPRO is gained a strong force since after "Cold eye" effect, but a fake signal is appear at 08/11, then the trend turn down and break the support 1.61 after the following day. After that, it moving along the 1.61, and finally break the key support 1.56 at 28/11. As I had mentioned before, there is a must to exit or underweight once the key support is broken.

Now, the head is form whatever structure above 1.56, and 1.40 is the first target downtrend. In short-term, I think it will be either sideways (between 1.40 - 1.56 for about 9 week) or going down, therefore the second target price will be about 1.25 if 1.40 is broken.

Rest is ready for longer journey. If observe from monthly chart, the current trend is seem prepare to build a bigger base for the next second wave to take over the previous big head, but provided 1.25 is still maintainable.

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