Thursday, 1 September 2016

Is TA ANN U Turn?

Is TA ANN U turn?
TA ANN second quarter financial report is below market expectation, and direct cause the price going down significantly, thus form a small head shape in technical analysis, and now 3.4 is my estimated downtrend target price. 

Currently, I predict at least it will have a two and half month sideways, because bearish structure is not destroy yet. So, TA ANN is U turn? I think now is too early to said, even though I still remain my previous view on TA ANN.

TA ANN 开始U Turn 了吗?
TA ANN 第二季度的财报低于市场预期,直接导致往上欲拉无力,翻转下杀然后在技术上形成了一个小头部,预测跌幅大概在3.4。

目前,我个人认为后续至少会有一段横盘走势,初步估计大概两个月半,毕竟多头结构还没有比破坏。所以,TA ANN 开始U Turn 了吗?我认为现在还言之过早,甚至我依然维持之前对TA ANN 大胆看多的看法。

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