Tuesday, 17 May 2016


"Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth". Archimedes said.
"Find me the support line, and I shall ignore any price". Support is a very important in technical analysis because it determines operational decisions. 

TUNEPRO is having a horizontal price movement for about 9 month and shown a strong signal at 03/03/2016 to form a solid bottom structure; then now it breakout and I shall take 1.5 as the support.

For long term investment strategy, if this counter is good in fundamental then every pull back after the strong signal at 03/03/2016 is a good entry price as long as not breaking the support line at 1.25; then top up if breakthrough the resistance. In case if the support is broke, either cut lose or reduce stock is require.


TUNEPRO 盘了大概9个月的底部,然后往上突破,我就捉一个支撑1.5进场 。

如果看好基本面,在长期投资的策略我会在03/03/2016 往上拉后的每一个底点都可以布局,只要不跌破1.25 就可以;突破后加码再将支撑提升到1.5,如果万一破了支撑,就必须要有减码的动作了。

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