Monday, 16 May 2016


Observe from monthly candlestick, there is a Head & Shoulder is formed about 2 year, and it break the neckline since 2015 august, and the index reach 1500 once before. Then, it pull up for 7 month, and go reversal at the eighth month, after that break the short-term neckline in the following month. 1600 is a crucial barrier, once broken the next is 1500.

Actually, this is a very obvious short trend pattern which is spend 7 month to pull the index to reach about 1700 but it back to original in 2 month. Once the main downtrend is started, about 1300 are expected.
So, if you do not wish to trapped, please escape.

从月线可以看得见一个用了两年形成的左右肩,在2015八月跌破了颈线,指数还一度破了1500。然后往上拉了7个月,在第八个月开始做翻转,第九个月跌破了小颈线。1600 点是一个非常重要的心理关卡,一旦破了下一个看到的就是1500 点关卡。

从长线看这是个非常明显的空头格局,也就是花了7个月拉到1700 左右,但是却用两个月打回原形。一旦这空头趋势的主跌段来临,预计可以看到大约1300点吧。

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