Monday, 23 May 2016

Is PADINI Raising or Fallen?

12 April 2016, PADINI is having a significant drop with high volume, which fall below the short term neckline directly, and then formed a small head-shoulder, at that time, I foresee a short term bearish is started. However, a strong reversal is appear at the fifth trading day, a long white bar with huge volume make the closing price is stand above the neckline, huge volume come with higher price, so in operation wise, we can enter at the closing price 2.07 and set cut lose at 2.00 in case it fall below neckline again.

In the next trading day, it stand above and beyond the right side of head-shoulder, further more it surpass the previous high and trying to challenge the record high, basically the trend is turn strong now. Currently, two times attempt to challenge record high, short term support is 2.33, if the challenge is successful in the next several trading days, then I can expect PADINI will reach 2.8. Conversely, if subsequent challenge is powerless and fall back below the important support 2.23 then touch the larger neckline, it will begin to form a bigger head-shoulder. So, is PADINI raising or fallen? we will see in this week。

PADINI 在12/04/2016 出现了长黑带量下跌,直接破了小颈线而形成了一个小头部,此时我预测会是一个短期的空头趋势的开始。然而,在第五个交易日出现了强势的扭转,一根大量上涨站回小颈线上,所谓大量必有高点,操作上可以在当时的收盘价位2.07下一个小注,停损就在价位2.00,以防万一又跌回小颈线之下。

在隔天的交易日便超越而且还站稳在小头部的右肩之上,之后更进一步的突破了前高并开始尝试挑战历史新高,基本上这是一个转强趋势。目前两次挑战失败,短期支撑在2.33,如果在近这几个交易日内挑战成功,那么我预计涨幅可以到达2.8。反之,如果后续无力而跌破了重要支撑2.23 回到大颈线,那么就会开始形成一个更大的左右肩。所以,PADINI的强势就这样终结? 还是往上又刷历史新高就看这个这礼拜了。

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