Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bears Is Around At PAVREIT

Today PAVREIT fall below the neckline finally, estimate downtrend target price is 1.505 currently, but I predict probably a rebound will happen for an escape signal. As long as fail to stand above the neckline, bears is still around at PAVREIT. 

Understand that PAVREIT is a popular stock for investor, because it is a defensive counter in portfolio, if bought at high price, then now should wait first instead of leverage down quickly, because we don't pick falling knife. 

等待了许久的PAVREIT 今天终于破颈线,目前预计第一段跌幅大约1.505,但是估计走势也许会有一段反弹做个逃命波。可是只要站不上颈线,空头趋势都还是无法扭转。

PAVREIT 是众多投资者的喜爱,因为在投资组合里是属于防守性股票,如果买在高档区的就别那么心急去leverage down,毕竟接捡榴莲好过接榴莲。

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