Thursday, 2 February 2017

AAX Is Back On Track

有Tony 同在,AAX 重回到了轨道。
延续之前的分析 Is AAX On The Way To Hard Landing? 经历了18周的对称走势,AAX 在第19周K 转多,这也是在(日线)小波段跌幅到达后大约0.350,找到了止跌支撑,然后往上再多拉一个价位做支撑,最后突破下降轨道;我认为,自经历了先前这些的大气层干扰后,目前AAX 是进入了第二轮的多空调整,以0.40 为支撑逐步突破层层压力0.445 & 0.495。


With Tony, AAX is back on track.
Continue with previous post Is AAX On The Way To Hard Landing? After 18 month symmetric moving, AAX is turn to bullish at 19th week, whereby a support is found after reach downtrend target price about 0.350. I think after all these turbulence, AAX now is heading to second round adjustment, which is 0.40 as a major support for trying to breakthrough all the resistance at 0.445 & 0.495.

In short term, there might be a sideways while getting near to the first resistance 0.445; So long the support is steadily, then another uptrend again after all these challenge is accomplish. 

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